FlowWing – Manual Foot Pedal Actuated Wing

An exploration of being able to “feel” the air with your foot. All dynamically actuated wings today are either pneumatic, hydraulic, and/or electromechanical actuated. I want to be able to feel the wind push back on my foot actuation so as to feel the air above my car and ride the wave. By pressing a foot pedal, the wing will articulate steeper via a cable driven cam system, increasing drag and down-force either a little bit or a lot, it’s up to your control.

Increasing the drag and down-force is great for breaking on the highway without needing to waste your brake pads. With the large amounts of down-force generated at speeds above 75mph, the car becomes absolutely glued to the road. I want to be able to push against that down-force with a lever ratio so as to make it easier. But push against the wind none-the-less! It will feel incredible but it won’t be cheap to prototype; if anybody is interested in paying for some of the prototyping costs and working with me on this, please contact me @ IAMDeisgnProduct@gmail.com

Below is the wing I will use as my prototype, an NRG Carbon Fiber GT Style 69″ Racing Rear Trunk Wing. It’s nice and tall so as to avoid the turbulent stream of air near the car, giving optimal performance that only like a real wing can.


As a starting point I wanted to model my own dummy version of the real thing using my SoidWorks 2013. Below are some renderings of the final wing assembled as purchased. I have yet to finish the actual cam mechanism to articulate the rear of the wing upwards so stay tuned!

Etsy Shop Open Now!

Etsy home page, finally open!

After many weeks of taking pictures, touching them up in photoshop, creating listings and shipping profiles, I’m ready to roll out my Etsy shop! I’m mainly focusing on my aluminum print photography, but will offer some of my necklaces and bracelets featuring semi-precious metals, crystals, and polished stone beads. My love for paracord can’t get left behind, and I will also have a few paracord things in my Etsy shop at any given point. Go check it out, and you can even use code: open4biz for 5% off storewide until Christmas.blue-beads-with-small-white-silver-copygreen-aventurine-with-hearts-on-wrist-copy orange-blue-paracord-with-compass-on-wrist

New Autumn Photography

Here are some new photos to check out!

I finally got a CT state sales tax ID, a certificate of business, and business banking account, and the Etsy shop will be opening soon. You will be able to use the code open4biz for 5% off of anything in my shop. Stay tuned for more updates!

Autumn's Last Sunset
Autumn’s Last Sunset
Flock Bath
Flock Bath
Stairway to Heaven
Stairway to Heaven
Fall Waterfall
Fall Waterfall


Amish Country Photography

I finally got around to editing some of the amazing photos I took while down in Lancaster County in Pennsylvania a month ago. Such pastoral scenery and the weather during this photoshoot was fantastic with rain in the background and bright sunlight over our heads. I hope to be getting some of these printed up on styrofoam backed artistic paper soon. If you’re interested in purchasing one of these photos on aluminum or on paper please contact me!

Amish Cloudscape
Amish Cloudscape
Hungry Goat
Greedy Goat
Stormy Horse
Stormy Horse
Curious Calf
Curious Calf

Magnetic Prints: Fridge Art

20160613_000326 20160613_000334

The company I use to produce my aluminum prints also does fine paper prints. They offer them with sturdy styrofoam on the back so it gives the print a solid structure. I had a roll of sticky-backed magnetic strip lying around so I applied it to the back of the butterfly print and it held to my refrigerator very well! I love the look of artwork on a refrigerator now I see the appliance as a blank canvas now.

These paper prints with styrofoam backing are significantly cheaper than the aluminum prints, and look almost as good, especially with the “metallic” finish. As such this brings the price point down from $50 for a 8″ x 10″ on aluminum vs $25 for a 8″ x 10″ on styrofoam backed fine paper. I’m excited to order some of my new shots onto this medium and see how each of the different finishing options look in real life.

I will probably be including a sawtooth hanger backed onto the styrofoam so you can hang it on the wall if you don’t want it on your fridge. I find with these magnets that this art fits in well in my cubicle and helps to brighten the mood at work. Keep following to see further work in this medium.


Laser Saber


cutaway view diagramvery bright table light dremeled topI was experimenting with some old lasers and found that the way lasers shine through clear polycarbonate is simply incredible. It’s extremely bright and reminds me so much of a lightsaber. I designed a handle in Solidworks that accommodates common batteries and lab laser modules that are available on ebay from China. I found it much cheaper to just buy a very powerful laser pointer from China so I used this instead and found some special square swirled acrylic “rod” to use as the blade. I bought hundred of dollars in neodymium magnets that I still have to glue to the ends of the acrylic and laser to attach the two in a flexible type of joint so you can battle with friends. This project is still in it’s infancy but more pictures will come!

Wicked Bottle Openah

The Wicked Bottle Openah is a very special bottle opener. Never before have you been able to represent your love for Massachusetts and love for beer all in one! The keychain edition is shaped geographically perfect to Massachusetts’ border and is great for the Mass-fan on the go. The MAssHole edition is the ultimate bottle opener and beer shotgunning tool. It slips comfortably onto your middle finger and you can send bottle caps flying using Cape Cod, and western Mass easily punctures aluminum beer cans for when you want to seriously get your party on. This one is also small enough to throw onto a keychain.

Different anodized colors will be available, with laser etching on the top portion for whatever you want! Your name, a recipient’s name, even your Sorority’s or Frat’s name in Greek!

I recently got trained on a plasma cutter to make prototypes which did function, but I am currently quoting out a die cast mold and waterjet cut prototypes so stay tuned for further development.




wicked openah keychain in use

Beers Gettin Popped

Lamda Chi Alpha Opener

MAsshole 2



Night Safety Light

red push-thru led


You look into the distance past the drizzly dark trees and see a thin shaft of bright blue light. As you get closer you realize it’s a person with a night safety device on their backpack. They are clearly seen from miles away, and with increased visibility at night they have no reason to fear hiking, biking, walking or jogging when it’s dark. Using magnets the user can easily swap out different LED modules to make it their own.

I found visibility in Boston at night time and in inclement weather while walking, commuting, jogging, biking, or skateboarding to be a big issue as cars and bikers would frequently come too close for comfort. Wearable lighting really doesn’t exist yet but I’d love to make it happen. Not only does it super cool and eye catching, but it could save your life or another’s.

Jewelry Castle

2014-06-14 11.06.09

This piece can easily hold many sets of earrings, bracelets, rings, and even necklaces. The top is open so when you get home you can toss your jewelry into the center of the castle or arrange it on the top. These models were hand made in pottery, but an injection moldable version would be far more manufactureable and would result in cheaper parts. Perhaps out of clear acrylic or polycarbonate with an led light pad on the bottom?

2014-06-14 11.05.55

2014-06-14 11.06.17

2014-06-14 11.08.00

2014-06-12 14.47.03

2014-06-12 11.45.58


2014-05-26 16.25.25


2014-06-04 15.35.13

2014-06-03 23.40.19

AuroraBora Fountain


The AuroraBora fountain throws splashes of light around the room. These dancing and flowing colors mixed with the soothing bubbling sound of the fountain combine to create a unique decor piece for the home or office.

This first prototype was made out of a glass vase from Michael’s, an LED pump found on Amazon, tubing from the hardware store, and glass rocks from the dollar general. It cost me $35 to make, and I sold it in my parents’ shop for $50 after having to mark it down. A polycarbonate molded version would be cheaper while maintaining the amazing light show. Would you be interested?