FlowWing – Manual Foot Pedal Actuated Wing

An exploration of being able to “feel” the air with your foot. All dynamically actuated wings today are either pneumatic, hydraulic, and/or electromechanical actuated. I want to be able to feel the wind push back on my foot actuation so as to feel the air above my car and ride the wave. By pressing a foot pedal, the wing will articulate steeper via a cable driven cam system, increasing drag and down-force either a little bit or a lot, it’s up to your control.

Increasing the drag and down-force is great for breaking on the highway without needing to waste your brake pads. With the large amounts of down-force generated at speeds above 75mph, the car becomes absolutely glued to the road. I want to be able to push against that down-force with a lever ratio so as to make it easier. But push against the wind none-the-less! It will feel incredible but it won’t be cheap to prototype; if anybody is interested in paying for some of the prototyping costs and working with me on this, please contact me @ IAMDeisgnProduct@gmail.com

Below is the wing I will use as my prototype, an NRG Carbon Fiber GT Style 69″ Racing Rear Trunk Wing. It’s nice and tall so as to avoid the turbulent stream of air near the car, giving optimal performance that only like a real wing can.


As a starting point I wanted to model my own dummy version of the real thing using my SoidWorks 2013. Below are some renderings of the final wing assembled as purchased. I have yet to finish the actual cam mechanism to articulate the rear of the wing upwards so stay tuned!