Laser Saber


cutaway view diagramvery bright table light dremeled topI was experimenting with some old lasers and found that the way lasers shine through clear polycarbonate is simply incredible. It’s extremely bright and reminds me so much of a lightsaber. I designed a handle in Solidworks that accommodates common batteries and lab laser modules that are available on ebay from China. I found it much cheaper to just buy a very powerful laser pointer from China so I used this instead and found some special square swirled acrylic “rod” to use as the blade. I bought hundred of dollars in neodymium magnets that I still have to glue to the ends of the acrylic and laser to attach the two in a flexible type of joint so you can battle with friends. This project is still in it’s infancy but more pictures will come!

Night Safety Light

red push-thru led


You look into the distance past the drizzly dark trees and see a thin shaft of bright blue light. As you get closer you realize it’s a person with a night safety device on their backpack. They are clearly seen from miles away, and with increased visibility at night they have no reason to fear hiking, biking, walking or jogging when it’s dark. Using magnets the user can easily swap out different LED modules to make it their own.

I found visibility in Boston at night time and in inclement weather while walking, commuting, jogging, biking, or skateboarding to be a big issue as cars and bikers would frequently come too close for comfort. Wearable lighting really doesn’t exist yet but I’d love to make it happen. Not only does it super cool and eye catching, but it could save your life or another’s.