What Is Design?

One world, one consciousness

I am design. You are design. Any time a thought pops into your consciousness about making something better, solving a problem, or really anything about how you’d like something to taste, look, smell, feel, or sound, you are designing. Most of the time we aren’t even conscious of our own consciousness, but as humans our brains are responsible for predicting the future. Obviously we want to have some say in what that future is, so we design, we plan, we seek to create, to manifest this future we conceive in our mind.

Of course a lot of the time things don’t go according to plan, to our design; but that is life! We forget that among our own plans, every other human being on this planet also has his or her own design in their mind. We are but one designer in a pool of a billion designers. I am design, you are design, it’s the universe seeking to design itself and create higher consciousness.

There is only light and dark. From the darkness comes a geometric infinity, a fractal pattern of light. But this structured¬†light simultaneously defines the darkness, giving shape to the shapeless. This light contains all possibilities of frequency; matter, sound, emotions, electromagnetism, gravity, plasma… Because all possibilities already exist in concert at the same time, this sum total of consciousness or possibility is one. But the possibility can only be possible by having freedom to operate in the empty void. Thus the emptiness defines the unemptiness as the light defines the dark. Together they are one; they cannot exist apart. Yin is defined by Yang; yang is yin, as yin is yang.

As visitors to this dimension in these human bodies, we get to play the part of the universe being aware of itself. The concept of who you are depends on your perception. Are you separate from your environment? Where does the concept of “you” begin…where do “you” end? The only thing between you and this screen right now is hopefully air. Air is made up of molecules. Molecules are made up of atoms. Atoms are made up of a nucleus and electrons. After taking quantum physics, I can derive to you the Schrodinger equations mathematically defining the orbital of an electron. The math statement is literally a possibility function. Electrons are a possibility made up of pure energy; light. Between the electron and nucleus is what? Nothing. The void. So then is matter really just light? Not just light, all frequencies! Every possible frequency, pure possibility. Thus our concept of matter is both matter and light, vibrating into and out of the void located at the center of the atom. This void at the center of the nucleus and at the center of all toroidal motion contains infinite¬†possibility, but we only experience the wave of energy that comes forth from it. Matter oscillates between the sea of connected energy and its state as we “see” it at the speed of light. Our bodies and all physical matter are vibrating back and forth into and out of the void at the speed of light.

We can’t tell the difference, it’s hard for us to see the connection.¬†Having faith in something that many say doesn’t exist because they can’t see it is easier than you think the more questions you ask. The more science I learn, the more I am convinced. Uni means one, verse means song; all the ancient peoples knew that the universe was a beautiful dance of vibration in possibility. This dance takes form in geometry. Starting with the circle defining the void, we soon end up with triangles then squares, pentagons, hexagons, and eventually platonic shapes which are a manifestation of irrational numbers. Geometry itself as we see and experience it is a slow frequency wave itself, comprised of higher-frequency matter. Products have shape and would not have existed if somebody didn’t decide what they wanted to make. All products are manifestations of consciousness. I want to design my products knowing this fact and using it to my and your advantage. Beautifully designed products can be functional and create a unique connection to the user.


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